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Whole House Filtration

Looking to go beyond just softening your water? Whole House Filtration produces bottle quality water at every tap in the house. Imagine bathing in water without all the chemicals and the kids being able to drink water from the tap safely.



Water Softening

Tired of dishes coming out of the dishwasher spotted, always having to use a squeegee on your shower glass after each shower, and having build-up on faucets and shower-heads? Softening your water can correct these hard water problems.

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Reverse Osmosis

Looking for pure drinking water and tired of lugging cases of water or swapping out the water cooler jugs? Reverse Osmosis purifies the water right there in your home and eliminates the needs for all the lifting and lugging.

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Water Filter System

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Clean and Soft Water for Every Home.

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Much like oxygen, water is vital to life. You consume water every day and bathe in it. Not only does clean and soft water benefit your house, plumbing, and appliances, but it also benefits your body. Something as vital to life as water should be good for you. Don’t you deserve the best? Let us find the best solutions for your needs.

Shower and bathe in Spring-like Water

For better, more luxurious bathing, softened water gives you the best of both worlds: smooth, glistening skin and soft, fluffy towels and laundry you can’t wait to slip into.

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I ♡ my Water Softener. It has made a HUGE difference for me and my husband. I have very sensitive skin for many years it has forced me to shower every other day because my skin would itch so bad. Since having my water sofetner I have had no problems. My husband was having dry skin problems before as well and he also has not had any problems since getting our system put in. There is also nothing better then having drinking water throughout your home especially when you live in a 2 story. All I have to do is get water from the sink. No more long walks in the middle of the might to the fridge. I can’t thank my water consultant Laura enough for coming over and proving to us how great this system really is. She is amazing and their customer service is top notch. Thank you so much for being part of our life.
Chrystal C
We love our new water system from Legendary Water Solutions! Laura made the entire process so easy to understand and painless! I love using less soap and shampoo!
Bonnie C.
We love our new soft water system! I can already tell the difference it is making in our home. Thank you Laura and her team for making it such a quick and easy process.
Ashley G.
My family and I recently moved to the Tri-Cities and hated the hard water so we had a water softener installed in our home. Laura was amazing at explaining everything and answering all of my questions. We love our system and are so glad we had it installed. What a difference!!
Nicole S.
We recently got a soft water system from Legendary Water Solutions and love it. Thanks so much for great customer service and great system!
Nicole C.
Moved to the Tricities and thought I was going to crack in pieces… So dry! Turns out (although it is dry and windy) a bigger issue was the HARD water. Laura did a great job testing, explaining & finding a solution. Love our new water system!!! Thank you Laura! Thank you Legendary Water Solutions!
Julie D.
Legendary water solutions is awesome! We love have higher quality water throughout the whole house. The system works great and is very efficient. Laura was great and has followed up with us several times to make sure everything was working great and we were happy.
Barrington S.
Recently had a water softener and filtration system put in our home. I was unsure if having softer water would make a difference but I noticed a difference within the first couple uses. I also had a great experience with Legendary’s customer service and would definitely recommend this company to anyone looking for a similar product. Take the time to get the free in home demo…they are very pleasant and their products will not disappoint.
Ryan W.
We got our water softener this fall and it has made a huge difference in our home! No more hard water build up anywhere. Our skin and hair is softer. We are using half the shampoo and laundry detergent!
We felt very taken care of by Legendary staff and would highly recommend them to anyone looking for softer water.
Sara Y.
I got my water softener through Legendary water and I am so happy with it. Top of the line water softener I’ve ever had. I have owned it since December and still haven’t had to refill salt. I have 4 kids that have eczema and the water has helped 100%. My hair feeling better and I don’t have to use as much soaps. No to mention, my dishes are film free. I would 100% recommend Legendary water to anyone I know!
Becky N.
Last month I purchased an awesome water filtration system from Legendary Water Solution and our sales associate Laura was amazing and not pushy like others that have come by. Just yesterday, our oldest son James asked if we added flavor to our house water because it tasted better. LOL and our oldest daughter said her hair is really soft after showering at the house.
Jesse V.

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